Breads and Snacks

Georgene's Fluffy Rolls
Gesine's Long Run Cakes (Gluten Free)
Popcorn Balls (Gluten Free)
Sourdough English Muffins
Sourdough Soft Pretzels
Sweet Potato Gingerbread
Walnut Butter, Two Ways (Gluten Free, Vegan)
Whole Grain & Seed Bread


Apple Cider Doughnuts
Banana Bread
Caramelized Stuffed Challah French Toast
Irish Soda Bread Pancakes
Nana's Scones
Sourdough English Muffins


Butternut Squash and Mushroom Lasagna (Gluten Free Variation)
Bison Steak and Mushroom Hand Pies
Grilled Butterflied Leg of Lamb with Mint Gremolata (Gluten Free)
Grilled Trout with Lemon and Rosemary (Gluten Free)
Kickass Chicken Pies
Lamb Chops with Pomegranate Molasses (Gluten Free)
Minestrone (Gluten Free, Vegan)
Orecchiette with Turkey Sausage and Pan-Roasted Corn
Pan Roasted Black Sea Bass with Zucchini Ribbons alla Marinara (Gluten Free)
Roast Pork Tenderloin with Pears (or Apples) and Leeks (Gluten Free)
White Bean, Swiss Chard and Butternut Squash Soup (Gluten Free, Vegan)
Zucchini Stuffed with Curried Turkey (Gluten Free)


Brussels Sprouts with Bacon Cider Vinaigrette (Gluten Free)
Forbidden Rice Salad with Chickpeas and Pomegranate Molasses Vinaigrette (Gluten Free, Vegan)
Roasted Baby Tomatoes (Gluten Free, Vegan)


Apple Cider Doughnuts
Chocolate Chunk Cookies
Coconut Cranberry Chocolate Chip Cookies
Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Cookies (Gluten Free variation)
Double Chocolate Buzz Buzz Cookies
Double Chocolate Buzz Buzz Cookies (Gluten Free, Vegan)
Eggnog "Cheesecake" Squares (Gluten Free, Dairy Free)
Everyday Chocolate Cake
Fresh Fig Tart with Walnut Shortbread Crust and Mascarpone Cream
German Chocolate Cake
Lemon Squares  (Gluten Free, Dairy Free)
Meyer Lemon Meringue Tartlets
Mile High Apple Pie with Spicy Caramel Sauce
Momofuku Chocolate-Malt Cake: Milk Crumbs & Malt Fudge Sauce
Momofuku Chocolate-Malt Cake: Layers
Quinoa-Stuffed Baked Apples (Gluten Free, Vegan)
Peach Crumble
Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies with Toasted Walnuts (Gluten Free variation)
Sprinkles' Strawberry Cupcakes
Strawberries & Cream Heart Cookies
Summer Cherry Pie
Super Pumpkiny Pumpkin Pie
Sweet Potato Brownies
Sweet Potato Gingerbread
Winter Berries and Cream Cake

A few words about recipes...
Nobody, and I mean nobody, creates recipes in a vacuum. I am often asked how I developed a particular recipe, and my answer always begins with the disclaimer that cooking and baking are as much community efforts as they are trial and error. One learns how to cook and bake from family, friends and mentors; from cookbooks, magazines and television programs; from dining out and (if you're me) bombarding the staff with questions; and from playing in the kitchen until you get it right.

The list of ingredients and procedures that make up a recipe aren't protected by copyright, but the photographs and text that accompany them are. I always credit the source(s) I consulted when I post a recipe unless I came up with the recipe without referencing another, or altered a source recipe substantially enough to make it original. (And I'm not talking about changing a few ingredients or ratios. I'm talking about taking it in a new direction.)

I'd be honored if you used the recipes I post on this blog -- a blog into which I put a tremendous amount of unpaid time, effort and love -- provided you link back to me as the source. However, please do not otherwise use my photographs or text without my permission.