Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Wishes

Here's hoping your Thanksgiving was filled with love, laughter and good food.

Clockwise from left: Great Aunt Flora, Great Uncle Ben, Great Aunt Lillian,
Papa, Mama, Mom, Great Granddad and Great Granny.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Did you call your grandparents Mama and Papa? I'm just wondering because that's what my mom's parents were for us and I've only run across one other person with a Mama and Papa. Most people are just really confused that I call my grandma Mama!

  2. Hi Shannon! Yes, I called my grandparents Mama and Papa, because it's what my mom called them. And though I never met her, my great grandmother was called Granny. How fun to find someone else (you) who called her grandparents Mama and Papa!