Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Confessions: Part I

1. I refused to try pumpkin pie until I was in my twenties. It's now a favorite.

2. I'm not a fan of gravy.

3. Sourdough dressing is my favorite Thanksgiving dish, followed by mashed potatoes (sans gravy, of course). I could forgo everything else, even turkey and dessert.

4. Sweet potato and green bean casseroles weren't served at our family's Thanksgivings, but my grandmother (Mama) always made creamed pearl onions.

5. When I was 14 my mom and I tackled Thanksgiving without Mama's expert guidance, as she had recently passed. Everything was going swimmingly until we opened the oven to baste the turkey halfway through cooking. We had forgotten to turn on the oven.

What are your Thanksgiving confessions?


  1. meat loaf sounds wonderful! i have never had green bean casserole and am making it for the first time this year - with crispy onions and all!

  2. my only confession is that i mostly hate thanksgiving :[ is there a scrooge equivalent for this holiday? i'm that.

    i do, however, live for corn, peas and/or green beans dipped in mashed potatoes. give me mashed potatoes and a pile of vegetables and i am happy.

  3. How funny, about the pumpkin pie. I convince myself to try it again, every year. I still don't like it at all. Hahahah

  4. I confess: I like Thanksgiving the next day better than on T-Day. Thanksgiving leftovers rock, and there's no more stress of a million people trying to cook/eat/mingle all at once. :-)