Friday, September 03, 2010

Momofuku Chocolate-Malt Cake Challenge: Assembly (Part One)

In today's installment of the Momofuku Chocolate-Malt Cake Challenge, I tackled Part One of The Assembly. (Yes, there are two parts.) The photos pretty much speak for themselves, so I'll just note that as I was constructing this Dr. Seuss-like creation, I kept thinking that it's even more mind-blowing in practice than in theory. It's one thing to read the recipe and the tutorial, and it's another to actually put it all together. See for yourself.

For the first and second layers, you brush the cake with a mixture of 3 tablespoons Ovaltine and 1/2 cup milk, spread with Malt-Fudge Sauce, sprinkle with Chocolate-Malt Crumbs, drizzle with more Malt-Fudge Sauce, top with marshmallows, then char them with a kitchen torch.


Then you top the whole thing with the third cake layer (not pictured), brush it with the Ovaltine-milk mixture, cover with plastic wrap, and chill it overnight.

Tomorrow I'll be removing the cake from the fridge, pouring the remaining Malt-Fudge Sauce over it, mounding marshmallows on top, charring them with my torch, and sprinkling the remaining Chocolate-Malt crumbs over. Then, after letting it stand at room temperature for 3 hours, we'll finally slice into this baby. Are you so over it yet? I almost am, but not quite...

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