Friday, July 30, 2010

Freelance Styling

Whaaat? I haven't mentioned I occasionally freelance as a stylist? I guess I thought it went without saying, this being L.A. and all. As luck would have it, I'm friends with some wicked talented photographers. (I have no idea why they're friends with me, other than I'm the world's worst photographer and therefore pose no threat, and I keep them hopped up on sugar.) Sometimes, they let me style sets and wardrobe on their shoots. 

I also happen to be friends with a really senior (in title, not age) producer on the Real Housewives shows and Bethenny Getting Married? (I know, right!? I'm seeing her -- my friend, not Bethenny -- on Sunday so I'll see if I can get any dirt, although she's contractually obligated to stay mum. Rats.) Anyway, she once hired me to style Andy Cohen for a Real Housewives reunion special. Love! Not only did I get to throw down some budget on Ralph Lauren Purple Label, but that guy is even more nice and smart and funny and charming in person. Now if I could only work an angle with Top Chef...

Below are some images from one of my favorite shoots with photographer Dani Brubaker. The clothes are from designers I won't mention because we didn't tell them frosting would be involved. I picked up the tableware, aprons and linens at Anthropologie, and made the sweets myself. (Brag much?) While we were shooting, the kids were dying -- dying -- to dig in to the cupcakes. What went down when we let them loose? As Andy Cohen would say, watch what happens...

[All images © 2008 Dani Brubaker. Used with permission.]

Don't you just want to eat those kids with a spoon?


  1. waaaaaaaaaait a minute. real housewives AND bethenny you say? shut your mouth. i'm not even going to beat around the bush here. you have GOT to get me an in with that crowd.

    also, those photos are delightful. i love that you made the goodies yourself.

  2. those pictures are fabulous and those kids are super cute.

    what a fun gig you have!

  3. i don't get a notice. but my wordpress doesn't send them out either... i think there's a widget you can get buuuut i don't know how to do it.