Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Gemma has a binky, and it's pretty much cutest things ever.

Binky is a plush cheetah I bought for her on our last day in South Africa in January. Much to my dismay, Gemma wasn't at all impressed with it at first. In fact, she ignored it for months until, one day, I noticed her trying to chew its head off. But before she could tear off its head (which is what she did with the stuffed monkey I brought back for The Headless Hound), she realized she could do something much more fun with it: suckle.

So she latches onto Binky's face, kneads its body with her enormous paws and goes to town soothing her little soul.

Binky never lets Gemma down. When she's anxious, Binky's there. Tired? Binky. Sad and demoralized when The Headless Hound schools her for getting out of line? Binky to the rescue. Hyper and wound up, doing hot laps around the living room? Binky will calm her down. And when she's done suckling, Binky makes the perfect pillow for a delightful little nap.

We really need to get a backup Binky for Gemma, because we've had some close calls and I don't want my life to turn into that scene from Best In Show when Meg and Hamilton freak out when they can't find their Weimaraner's Busy Bee. ("GO TO THE HOTEL AND GET BUSY BEE! RUN! RUN!!! GO!!!")

Anyway, Binky gets laundered regularly. In case you were wondering.

P.S. When I wrote this post I was listening to Agnes Obel's "Brother Sparrow" from the album Philharmonics. Check it.

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  1. I have a Weimaraner and she suckles too! She sucks on her favorite fuzzy blanket. We call it her "sucky blanket." I found a few videos online of other Weims suckling things...I think it must be a breed trait.

    It's adorable either way.